Featured Car: 1960 Nash Metropolitan Convertible for Diane

Here’s another one of those neat stories about a family and their classic cars. As most of you know, D&P specializes in restoring and modernizing vehicles primarily from General Motors, but we’re always up for a challenge! Southern California native Diane contacted D&P and inquired about restoring a classic of hers that was near and dear to her heart.You see, Diane is the owner of a 1960 Nash Metropolitan convertible that was originally owned by her father, and the classic Nash has been in her family for decades.

After a visit to D&P to discuss the project, Diane shipped her family jewel down to our shop for a much-needed restoration. Although the “Met”, as she calls it, was in good overall shape, it needed a major makeover. We worked our magic and restored the mighty series IV Nash back to its original 55hp glory. Diane wanted her Nash restored to original condition and as it turns out, she’s very knowledgable about Metropolitans and was very helpful in locating parts and utilizing friends to source items needed for the restoration.

Diane made regular visits to D&P to check on progress and drop off parts. She says she loved being so involved in restoration and bringing this family heirloom back to life. Now complete, Diane can rumble through the streets of Southern California showing off the long-time family member.

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