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Building a Classic in 2021

Parts Sourcing in 2021

The recent COVID pandemic has had both negative and positive effects on our industry. On the positive side, it has had people dust off the cars in their garage and take them for a drive. For those of us that let them sit around too long, there has been a large influx of requests for maintenance and upgrades.  This has gone for all shops we work with and also suppliers.  This is great news for our industry.On the negative side, parts supplies are running very low all around the board.  Parts that use to be readily available are now taking weeks, if not months to arrive.  Even GM cannot build engines fast enough and is now stating we will not be able to see any new crate engines for several months.  This is all around the board with most manufacturers as their components continue to arrive and we all catch up.  Keep this in mind when upgrading your projects.

It appears some manufacturers are beginning to catch up but we do not know when it will return to what “normal.”  Please call us if you are looking to upgrade your ride so we can pre-plan the parts needed for your classic.

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