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Another Great Deal On eBay

This is why you don’t buy cars on ebay

Over the course of 30 years we have had hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicles pass through our front gate.  Some cars receiving minor upgrades and some needing absolutely everything.  We were notified by one of our long time customers he had just purchased a 1957 Chevy Convertible on Ebay and wanted to restore it with our help.  We agreed to look at the vehicle to determine what it needed up on it’s arrival into California.

After a long wait we scheduled to be at the customer’s house on delivery day to assess what it needed when it arrived on the transport truck.  When the car arrived we, nor the customer, could believe our eyes.  This was not the car he had purchased online.

After studying photos in the ad it was determined it was actually was the actual car but the seller forgot to disclose one major problem, the entire vehicle, including the frame had been completely rusted through.  When I say the frame was rusted through I mean it.  The frame was so rusted it was cracked and half and had been repaired by screwing a 4×4 directly into the frame.

The transport truck driver was also not a happy camper.   He told us he had picked up many cars on the east coast but not had seen one like this before.  On the 57’s long trek from the East Coast he hit a pot hole in the road and heard a  loud crash.  He pulled over to discover the 4×4 had snapped in half, collapsing the body inwards with it.

Regardless to say the customer knew he now owned a project car and “a half” (literally).  Over the course of 2 years we were able to bring this beauty back to life.  This just goes to show you how well these American Cars were built in the 50’s and nothing today can compare.

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