1959 Chevy Impala Convertible

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The 1959 Chevy Impala was a one year only car with a lot of unique features. What could be better than being lucky enough to own a 1959 Impala Convertible? How about owning two of them? This pair of nearly identical cars are owned by the same family. Stay tuned for the details. 

If you keep reading I’ll keep providing the great stories about these Classic Chevrolet vehicles and the families who own them.  D&P customer Ron P. is a long time owner of vintage Chevrolet’s. Ron bought a 1959 Chevy Impala convertible brand new in 1959 and has kept it in the family every since. After many years of enjoyable driving Ron placed the car into storage as raising a family and and long hours at work relegated the Impala to languish for years in storage. Eventually, the ol’ 59 was dug out of storage and a plan developed to restore the classic back to original. The long time outside storage took a toll on the vintage rag top. Ron decided to perform a complete body-off the frame restoration. During the restoration Ron happened to locate another rare matching 59 Impala in the mid west. The car Ron found was the same color, which is quite rare, but this car has mostly original paint. Ron made a deal and purchased the second 59 so he could have one to give each of his sons. It’s great to see that the owners of these great American cars are willing to take steps to keep the tradition and hobby continuing by keeping these classic cars in the family. Although D&P did not restore both of these cars Ron asked D&P to help straighten out both cars to make them mechanically and cosmetically up to Ron’s standards.( Hey Ron, I’m up for adoption if you find another 59, just ask Peggy)! All kidding aside, great job Ron preserving these great cars for future generations, thank-you for the vote of confidence to let D&P take care of your classics. 


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